1.Product presentation:

       EBM next-generation, unique patent, smart digital light source auto-adapt light attenuation control technology,
high reliability electronic ballast. Smart digital control the light source ignition technology, the ignition distance up to 
20 meters. Adopt " smart digital light source auto-adapt light attenuation control" technical patent,
next-generation electronic ballast. Working light source: Ceramic Metal Halide(CMH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), 
Quartz Metal Halide (QMH). Ultra-strong light source parameter identification function, it can cope with poor working 
environment. Energy saving more than 25%, it is the embodiment of the achievements of technology innovation.
Waterproof rate IP64, suitable for plant grow lighting and outdoor lighting. With smart infrared remote control dimmer
and 0-10V standard interface input.


2.Product Features:
●Next-generation smart digital control the light source ignition technology,the ignition distance up to 20
●Using high-performance special lighting CPU control technology, Intelligent detection light source working condition,
  adjust the best luminous flux and electricity consumption in real time.
●Next-generation smart digital ignition energy control technology, it can prevent the damage of the light source and
  filament became black furthest, and extended the lamp working life.
●Next-generation smart digital lamp startup control technology,high-precision digital control lamp startup current,
  it can control the light attenuation and working life of the lamp furthest.
●Smart digital lamp protection technology, High stability of lamp current control, Dynamic lamp power control, Smart
  lamp auto-adapt light attenuation control, the lamp working life up to 5 years.
●High reliability digital driver circuit. Smart, high sensitivity anti-thunder, open circuit, short circuit, over-current,
  over-voltage, over-temperature protection technology, the ballast working life up to 5 years.
●Efficiency: > 92% , High performance APFC circuit, Power factor up to 0.99, THD<6%, Efficient green energy
  conservation and environmental protection.
●Using the most sophisticated R&D and production process, with high outdoor quality standards.
●Working light source: Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Quartz Metal Halide (QMH).
●Multi-voltage input (208V / 240V).
●Smart infrared remote control dimmer, can memory when power off, can control the output power: 355W,315W,
  215W, 145W, 0W (power off).
With 0-10V standard interface input, convenient access control systems to control,adjustable power range: